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The Himalaya Archive Japan has been implementing various projects with its organization’s concept “Think of our mother earth, Think from the Himalaya.” 

Himalaya Awareness Channel

The informative special website -“Observing our mother earth through the Himalayan wisdom”

We have launched Himalaya Awareness Channel (HAC) with its concept “Think of the earth, Think from the Himalaya.”   HAC is a special website on the Himalaya-related information and designed for users to think about our contemporary world and lives through the “organically-bonded reference information“ based on the original concept.  HAC provides users with various topics by videos, still pictures, and texts under such categories as society, education, environment, health, politics & economy, nation and feature.  HAC will be upgraded incrementally.    

(Updated on Feb. 12, 2019: It is renamed to "the Himalaya Awareness Archives." )

Summit-Eyes Film Festival (The former Himalaya Film Festival)

The innovative film festival on the Himalaya ever before

In collaboration with the Himalayas Archief Nederland, the Himalayas Archive Japan (HAJ) organizes “The Himalaya Film Festival(HFF)” in Japan. The Himalaya Film Festival has screened excellent documentary films of the world related to the Himalayan region and got a favorable reception. The concept of the Himalaya Film Festival is “Thinking of the Mother Earth, Thinking from the Himalaya”.  HAJ has organized the Film Festival as well as related events such as symposiums, workshops, music concerts and so on.  (more here)

Workshop & DVD rental

Learn and think through the Himalayan world

HAJ has been actively supporting other events and organizing screening, lectures and workshops by utilizing its rich video library and human resources. In 2010, HAJ supported the Nasu Short Film Festival 2010 by providing films and speaker for a talk show.  In addition, as a part of education activity of HAJ, film rental service (DVD) is available. The line-up of the films is rich as a library of the Himalayas related films. (more here). 


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Himalaya Awareness Archives


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