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Equality, Coexistence, Welfare
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Mr. Muhammad Yunus is a prominent Bangladeshi economist.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his original microcredit to help those who suffering from poverty live independently.  Mr. Yunus also propounds “social business” whose purpose is not profit-seeking but problem-solving in our societies. “Don’t believe blindly in common sense and conventional wisdom.  Embody your vision, transcen-ding a number of failures.  We humans are NOT merely ‘moneymaking machines.”

Human-Centered Economy

“Understanding and sharing deeply with others’ suffering” is one of the fundamental principles of Buddhism.  A Thai Buddhist monk has practiced it through microcredit for poor people.  The loan system based on “trust of humanity” has been spreading not only in Thailand but in its neighboring countries.  

Gandhi’s spirit never dies

Business exploiting our mother earth 


Can nonviolence come true democratic societies? Here
is the answer for it.

Nepal attracts many tourists all over the world, but problems the report in 91 described remain the same substantively. 

The microcredit has saved Indian women in slums. The system is based on “trust” and “determination” between lenders and borrowers.

What is the true nonviolent method?  

The account of struggles by a Japanese who saved the deprived area of Nepal

How to start a revolution

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“A new business in the 21st century is not a profit-making but cause-driven one”, says Mr. Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel peace laureate.  Mr. Yunus has made big efforts to familiarize the microcredit to the public, resisting people’s saying “it’s impossible.”  In the same way, he has been pushing forward the new business called ‘social business.’

 Buddhism Loan

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Especially in its remote mountain area, people’s livelihoods are harsh.  A Japanese agricultural expert decided to live there to support the people.  Mr. Toru Kondo was already 70’s at that time.  Through his life, we will surely understand the true meaning of international cooperation.

The nonviolence that Gandhi propounded and practiced is obviously not the same as so-called “peace-loving preaches.” It is actually a systematic strategy, which can be applied to many different fields.  Mr. Gene Sharp, a longtime researcher on Gandhi's nonviolence clearly shows that.

Mt. Everest has become a popular and crowded mountain, which even amateurs, who can afford to pay a lot of money, can climb.  More than 600 climbers reach the top annually and it’s the "moneymaking goods" for Nepal.  Accordingly, several serious problems such as safety of Sherpas and climbers, environmental degradation and so on have arisen.  We should think about the problems together since the mountain is a world heritage. 

Mr. Gene Sharp is an American political scholar who has been researching nonviolence including Gandhi’s words and actions for a long time.  He propounds elaborate nonviolent methods to come true a demo-cracy.  His book “From Dictator-  ship to Democracy” has been translated into 34 languages, which has become a theoretical support for people in revolutions including the “Revolutions of 1989.”

There has been a hot debate over genetically engineered crops in the vast area of land in Africa.  “They obviously destroy the precious biological diversity, deprive local farmers of freedom and allow several multinational companies monopolize farming”, severely criticizes Dr. Vandana Shiva, a prominent Indian environmental activist.  

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"Story of Mustang in Nepal"(*Japanese)

Words of
     the Himalayan Wisdom

  "A true international cooperation is not a one-way provision of supplies or money but a deep love to humanity.  We can see the real value in it when those who receive supports truly appreciate and make efforts to become self-reliant."

Autumn & winter 2016 Edition

The Himalaya Archive Japan running Himalaya Awareness Channel is a Japanese nonprofit organization with the organizational concept “Thinking of the Earth, Thinking from the Himalaya.” 

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