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         he Himalaya Archive Japan (HAJ) is a Japanese nonprofit organization officially certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.                 HAJ considers both the vast Himalayan area, which can cover the main part of Europe or Japan and the long-time spiritual wisdom as an important “field” and “material” to think about our contemporary world and has been doing some unique activities through the concept “Think of the mother earth, Think from the Himalaya.”

Our organization is mostly funded by membership fees and private donations, and we have a track record of success in using small budgets to carry out relatively high-impact projects including the Himalaya Film Festival. 

Your kind contributions enable HAJ to do the following our activities:

(NOTE) The definition of the "archive" of the Himalaya Archive Japan is to collect, record, and conserve valuable words and actions in useful ways for our generation and generations to come for them to change their society for the better. 



In the 21st century the Himalaya as a “mirror” reflects international issues such as global climate change, religious and ethnic disputes, environmental destruction, cultural and economical globalization, energy resource and...(more)


Information Provision

In the Himalayan countries there are certainly genuine activists, journalists, filmmakers and refugees, who struggle with severe social-tabooed problems such as environment, human rights, religious convention and so forth.  In addition...(more)

The Himalayan spiritual culture is said to have over 5000-year history. The profound spirituality – Buddhism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, yoga – has been attracting many including well known persons such as Mahatma Gandhi...(more)


                                the Himalaya

       through the Himalaya


OBSERVING the Himalaya

*The upper is the promotional video for the Himalaya Film Festival Tokyo 2010


Himalaya Awareness Archives

Main Activities


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