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The Himalaya Archive Japan Privacy Policy

Established in January 15th, 2009

Specified Nonprofit Organization The Himalaya Archive Japan (hereinafter referred to as “HAJ”) recognize the importance of protection of information collected from individual supporters and general public, users of this homepage and readers of our mail magazine (hereinafter referred to as “Supporters”) . Thus HAJ established privacy policy as follows in order to strengthen our protection of information of Supporters.

1. Definition of Information of Supporters

Information of Supporters HAJ should protect is one that can identify individual Supporters which includes but not limited to the followings;
Email address, name, telephone number, postal address, other information by referring to one or combination of which can identify individual Supporters

2. Education of staffs for privacy policy

Staffs of HAJ will receive trainings to administrate information of Supporters appropriately in daily works.

3. Collection and use of individual information

(1) HAJ will specify purposes of collection and use of individual information and will not do anything beyond specified purposes.
(2) HAJ will collect individual information in an appropriate way after individuals agreed.

4. Disclosure of individual information to any third party

HAJ will not disclose collected individual information to any third party except for the following cases.

(1) In case a person in question approves.
(2) In case HAJ outsources information processing and work of dispatch to a subcontractor, and needs to give individual information for the work. In this case, HAJ will carefully selects a subcontractor, and request a subcontractor to strengthen the protection of individual information.
(3) In case disclosure is requested by laws etc.
(4) In case disclosure is required to protect life, health and property of a person in  question and public

5. Security

HAJ will take necessary security measures to protect collected individual information from illegal access, tampering and loss

6. Inquiry from a person in question

HAJ will act immediately, sincerely and appropriately when a person in question requests to inquire and modify individual information, and complain and consult about individual information.

7. Compliance

HAJ will sincerely comply with related laws and regulations regarding protection of individual information.

8. Revision of privacy policy

HAJ will revise privacy policy in order to improve handling and control of individual information.



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