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We have launched Himalaya Awareness Channel (HAC) with its concept “Think of the earth, Think from the Himalaya.”   HAC is a special website on the Himalaya-related information and designed for users to think about our contemporary world and lives through the “organically-bonded reference information“ based on the original concept.  HAC provides users with various topics by videos, still pictures, and texts under such categories as society, education, environment, health, politics & economy, nation and feature.  HAC will be upgraded incrementally.  


( Updated on Feb. 12, 2019: It is renamed to "the Himalaya Awareness Archives.")

The Himalaya Film Festival TOKYO 2010

HAJ hold "the Himalaya Film Festival TOKYO 2010 " from Nov. 19th to Nov. 21st. This time we also held the related international symposium for it.

Report of the Himalaya Film Festival TOKYO 2010
International Symposium digest (Japanese only)
The Himalaya Film Festival WEST JAPAN 2009

HAJ ends "the Himalaya Film Festival West Japan 2009" held from Apr. 25 to May 8 on a high note with over 2000 audiences.  We truly thank all who supported the project!

Report of HFF West Japan 2009
The Himalaya Film Festival TOKYO 2008

HAJ organized the 2nd Himalaya Film Festival in Tokyo from 31st October to 3rd November. For more details, please refer to the official site.

Report of the Himalaya Film Festival TOKYO 2008


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