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Film directors, journalists,intellectuals and so forth from all over the world who love the Himalayas support HAJ.
Here are some support voices (dispensing with the Mr. ): 

Sanjay Barnela

India/film director

With the international debate on climate change getting complex by the day, initiatives such as the Himalaya Archive Japan are more important than ever before. It is critical to draw world attention to one of the most vulnerable ecosystems on earth, whose well being is as important for somebody living in Japan as it is for the person living in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal, Bhutan,Tibet or India. The fragile Himalayan landscape and the immediate livelihoods of the already vulnerable Himalayan communities along with their vast reserves of traditional knowledge are being held to ransom by geopolitical stances and agendas in the international negotiations on climate change. Now, more than ever, initiatives such as Himalaya Archive Japan are vital!  The founder of Moving Images.  

Jurme Wangda

Tibet/Fomer bodyguard of the Dalai Lama

Until now, us the human being sought happiness or harmony society from outer conditions. Instead of realizing that we are part of the ecosystem, under the guise of scientific innovation mankind has obtained certain kind of direction that led us towards misunderstood information thinking that we can create the world through science and technology, which is true only partially. There has been too much emphasis made in outer quest that we lost sight of our inner quality and its significance. Modern science and technology has contributed immensely to make us realize that material advancement alone cannot achieve the goal that we wish to achieve. In essence, we are made out of both mental and physical element. Lack of either one makes it none existence. We came to realize that without understanding the interdependent origination and the nature of none self-existence it is impossible to see the true nature of all things. When we do not understand the true nature of all things, there are no way that can create a happy society. This discovery came from the Himalayas from many centuries ago. Now we began to know its value and it is importance to promote this for the betterment of our world. I am extremely happy that Himalaya Archives Japan would bring this to our homes. I hope many would benefit from its unique and timely approach.  The director of Ottawa Friends of Tibet

Dhurba Basnet

Nepal/journalist,film director

It's my great pleasure to hear that Himalaya Archive Japan (HAJ) has been established to raise awareness about beauty of the Himalaya, among others and promote documentary and documentary makers. I wish grand success of HAJ in promoting the great cause!  The former president of Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists

Glenn Mitrasing

The Netherlands/the chief director of Himalaya Archive Nederland/the executive director of the Himalaya Film Festival

The Himalayas form not only the roof of the world but also the “wonder world”,where we can experience the deep nature and unique culture and tradition. It is truly one of the great asset of the Mother Earth. The epic Kumarsambhava (5th century AD) describes the Himalayas as: "The northern yardstick to measure the earth." In that sense it is the repository of aesthetics,biological diversity, human endeavour and now a thermometer of climate change. This region is one of the most sensitive areas responding to global climate change due to its high altitude and the presence of permafrost and glaciers. In 2003 we, Himalaya Archive Nederland, started the “Himalaya Film Festival” which attracts many audiences and since 2006 we have collaborated closely with the Himalaya Archive Japan to promote the film festival mainly in the Netherlands and Japan. I'm truly happy the friendly cooperative relations between the two countries can enlighten many people about how important the Himalayas are!


The Himalayas-it's a sacred place without boundary where we see the rare beauty of white snow, peoples' warm smile and the deep Himalayan blue sky...  I'm quite impressed by the vision and activities of Himalaya Archive Japan that has enlightened many people.  In fact, the Himalayas can waken our dull consciousness, which can hardly judge what is more important and what is less in this contemporary world.  That is the true value of HAJ.  I'll surely continue to support it.

Ugyen Wangdi

Bhutan/film director

Many years ago I had the same idea of the Himalaya Archive Japan but at a national level whereby I could initiate an audio visual documentation or archival center for Bhutan's traditions and culture. It never materialized, because, this was hardly an exercise worth venturing into when the whole country was progressing towards socio economic goals. It is a daunting task and you have done it from Japan for the whole Himalayan region. I know the importance of it from my country's perspective, how much more it would be at a Pan Himalayan level. Due to rapid modernization many traditions are being lost in such a short span of time. I can give so many examples. Therefore, my best wishes to the Himalaya Archive Japan.  The head of Ugetsu Communications.

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