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FEATURE: The Kashmir Conflict 

Autumn & winter 2016 Edition

The Kashmir region in the northwestern Himalayan region has been very famous for its scenic beauty from ancient times.  It is also used as the root of “cashmere“ the high-class fabric.  I (the representative of the Himalaya Archive Japan) once visited the Pakistani side of Kashmir and did enjoy the splendid scenery such as sharp crags stretching to the sky, Nanga Parbat the 9th highest mountain in the world at 8,126 meters above sea level blazing with sunlight and so on.  Unfortunately, Kashmir has been the about 70 year-world longest conflict region(Kashmir conflict): The region is mainly divided into three parts by India, Pakistan and China.  Especially, India ad Pakistan the nuclear armed nations have been fighting each other intermittently over it’s sovereignty.  This year, in Srinagar the capital of India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, the conflict between local people especially the youths and Indian security forces is getting intense.  The two nations have started to accuse each other and the relationship is obviously getting worse.  The conflict between the nuclear-armed nations has caused international concern.  It seems to me that Gandhi in “the heaven” is deeply mourning the recent situation because he once repeatedly pointed out that if India became divided, that would lead us to serious problems in the future.  Through the issue of Kashmir conflict, we could deeply understand worldwide problems such as human-rights violation, reconciliation of religions, nations and ethnic groups, environmental destruction,  state control of information and so forth. 

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The brief explanation of the Kashmir conflict by the British               Broadcasting Corporation with text, map, picture and timeline. 

Kashmir's beauty 

The tour from Tokyo, Japan to the disputed Kashmir region by  Google Earth


Inside Story - Kashmir conflict: security or political problem?

A discussion program on the Kashmir conflict by Al Jazeera:  A Kashmiri writer and a director of India Policy Foundation have a heated discussion each other over the legitimacy of India’s sovereignty of Kashmir.  The writer appeals for the referendum at the local level, while the director strongly supports the India’s policy on Kashmir.  The discussion seems to fail to reach any agreement…

A New Intifada in Kashmir? Arundhati Roy & Sanjay Kak on the World's Most Densely Militarized Area

On Democracy Now! an independent American news program, Ms.Arundati Roy, a renown Indian writer and social activist and Mr. Sanjay Kak, a Kashmili filmmaker talk about the India’s brutal military crackdown on Kashmir’s locals.  They have visited and covered Kashmir many times, which makes their opinions more trustworthy.  (March 2013)  

"How we celebrate freedom?" - Part 1

This is the documentary film on the Kashmir conflict produced by the above filmmaker Mr. Sanjay Kak in 2007.  Using skillfully on-the-ground research and file footage, it deeply descries India’s unjust policy to control Kashmir by the overwhelming force and wily means including tourism.  The Himalaya Archive Japan produced the Japanese-subtitle version of the film and screened it in Himalaya Film Festival in Japan.