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Harmony among Body, Mind and Spirit

Autumn & winter 2016 Edition


Ayurveda: Science of Life 

Ayurveda is an Indian traditional pre-ventive medicine, which has more than 2000 years history.  In Sanskrit, " Ayurveda " means " Science of Life." Based on the Indian religious philosophy, it considers a human body as the "micro-cosmos" and its purpose is to balance it entirely.  WHO officially recognizes it.  Now, the collaboration with the modern medical care has been progressing especially in European countries.

Where can we find happiness?

Majorities are seeking happi-ness, but most of them are struggling to find it.  "There are several simple ways for it" says an American Tibetan Buddhist doctor, who takes care of the Dalai Lama's health.  What are his tips?  

Speedy trekking through the Himalayas

A true adventure is like a creative action with the ex-perience of integration of body, mind and spirit fully.  A French adventurer tries to do it, trekking through the 1200km-mountain path stretching in parallel with the great Himalayas only for a month!  

Spiritual medicine healing criminals

Why are we suffering?  "That's because we mindlessly react to body's five senses " finds Buddha as a spiritual scientist. He created a way of mediation to overcome suffering.  A filmmaker explains how it's effective through her experience with criminals.  

Article /  Document

Dr. David Bohm was a significant American physicist in the 20th century.

He had dialogues with Eastern philosophers and religious figures.  Especially through it with Jiddu Krishnamurti, a prominent Indian wise man, he became aware of the similarity between quantum physics and Indian religious philosophy and propounded his original world-view.  Here are some of his comments in "Wholeness and the Implicate Order", one of his famous books.  

How can we find genuine freedom in this systematically controlled society full of difficulties and suffering?  Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher, had been sincerely teaching the universal and deep theme in his 92-year life.  His words has inspired many famous figures in different fields such as Dr. David Bohm, the Dalai Lama, Bruce Lee and so on. 

Stanford University, one of the top universities in the U.S., has made considerable achievements in human mental activities.  Its research body has recently showed the powerful effect of “meditation of compassion” caring about others.  Through the meditation, we could inhibit our mind from leaning toward negative mood and concentrate on what we want.   

In our stressful contemporary societies, we are taking more interest in medical care.  Mr. Satish Kumar, a prominent Indian thinker, says that a true medial care is a prevention medicine to recover “wholeness.”  In other words, through the direct experience of nature, we should integrate mind and body as the “microcosmos” and become aware of the essential connection among all sentient beings.

Volunteers Needed

We are recruiting volunteers who can translate English to Japanese or
proofread English sentences.  Please kindly enroll here.  

Information Wanted

We are searching meaningful information which can be in line with the concept of HAC.  Please kindly contact us if you know or have them.   


The Tibetan traditional medicine searches into human body and reveals the secret

How can meditation activate human brain?  An interesting scientific research

A Bhutanese writer talks about the importance of

“Enough is as good as a feast" in the consuming society

"What is the peace criminals find?"  

Sincere thought about the essential meaning of medicine

Doing Time Doing Vipassana 

Video Archive

Recommended Movie

Recommended Books

Words of
     the Himalayan Wisdom

  "Irrigators regulate the rivers; fletchers straighten the arrow shaft; carpenters shape the wood; the wise control themselves."

Buddha: "Dhammapada"


The Himalaya Archive Japan running Himalaya Awareness Archives is a Japanese nonprofit organization with the organizational concept “Thinking of the Earth, Thinking from the Himalaya.” 

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