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About the official site of the Himalaya Archive Japan (HAJ)

The official site of the Himalaya Archive Japan hereinafter referred to as “the Website” is managed by the Specified Nonprofit Organization the Himalaya Archive Japan (hereinafter referred to as “HAJ”).

- Site Policy:

You should be responsible for your action when you use the Website. HAJ manages the Website so as to provide necessary information for people to understand HAJ’s activities. HAJ aims at conveying correct and accurate information regarding HAJ’s policy and activities to you through the Website. However, HAJ is not liable to any harm caused by using information obtained from the Website and any linked website to the Website. And you are deemed to agree the following terms and conditions when you browse, use and download any content and information included in the Website. Please note without any prior notification, contents, information and URL included in the Website may be modified and terminated.

- Privacy Policy:

Please refer to "Privacy Policy"

- Copyright of the Website:

Copyright such as information, document, trademark, picture image and audio provided within the Website belongs to HAJ if not otherwise specified. Some copyrights belong to others yet with their understanding and agreement they are provided within the Website Display, copy and print for only private use is permitted. However, please be careful to let copyrights be used in environment where any third party can browse.

- Quotation and reprint from the Website:

We prohibit any use including copy, falsification and distribution of information in the Website without prior approval beyond the level of private use. However, in case the purpose of use is not commercial such as educational, academic and research or something that is consistent with HAJ’s activities and information is provided only to specific audiences (lecturers, report meetings, study groups, seminar or symposium), we permit to use information in the Website so long as users must clearly mention copyright holder and its source. In this case, please inform HAJ contents and situation of the use immediately. A part of reports and other publications must be prohibited when the thrust is changed.Moreover, above mentioned use cases are not permitted when used in other websites, print materials, television and radio programs etc. In such cases, please contact HAJ administration office prior to your use for consultation.

- Reprint and lending of photos:

Policy of reprint of photos is in accordance with above mentioned “Quotation and reprint from the Website”. HAJ reprints and lends photos in the Website under specific terms and conditions such as prior consultation and clear mention of copyright holder. Most of image data in the Website have lower resolution and are not appropriate to be used for printing materials.

- About links to the Website:

Please refer to "About Links."

- About use of HAJ’s logo:

If the purpose of use of HAJ’s log in a linked website is not commercial such as educational, academic and research, or we deem it is consistent with HAJ’s activities, HAJ’s logo can be used. However, in this case users must consult with HAJ prior to their use of the logo. Without prior consultation with HAJ, use of HAJ’s logo except for linked websites and commercial purpose.

- Governing law

The Website is under the control of HAJ. The use, interpretation and application of the Website is governed by the domestic laws of Japan unless otherwise specified.



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